Gastronomic Egg Tagliolini Box


Our gastronomical egg tagliatelle and tagliolini, as well as our granny’s egg farfalle, come from an ancient tradition of our land: this egg pasta is a flagship of the Langa tradition, with its typical intense yellow colour. We solely use high quality raw materials, such as yolks of barn eggs and flours from our farmers.  In particular, our long pasta is made from phyllo dough and cut. This special production, the consequent pasteurisation and the slow drying at a low temperature over chains allow to obtain a product that the restaurateur may serve as fresh pasta since the product keeps the characteristics both of consistency and of colour of pasta prepared at home. Moreover, even the cooking times are optimal: 4/5 minutes are enough in order to obtain the typical Italian pasta “al dente”. (500g)

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